About the app

ArtiGO is a road tripping app for the car and bike community. In the app you create your own road trips which you can drive with your friends or share with others. The routes you share can be upvoted so we find the best driving routes in the world! Whilst you are driving you get achievements for driving iconic routes and points which you will be able to spend on discounts for the hotels.

Why we are making the app

The first reason we are making the app is because in recent times you see supercar rally’s popping up left and right. These rally’s are really cool but also very exclusive and require a hefty fee to attend. Therefore ArtiGO is a perfect middle ground for people who want to experience wild adventures without breaking the bank. Second, we are striving to make ArtiGO the real life Need For Speed where you have a tightly-knit community of car enthusiasts who share their love for cars and bikes and do crazy sh*t together.

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